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Herbert Beaufort

In the Sixteenth Century, the BEAUFORT family has already been producing wine in the Champagne area.

As soon as 1900, Marcellin started to market his « still red and white wines » from Bouzy and won several medals to competitions in Epernay (1904) and Paris (1907).

In 1929, with his son Herbert, Marcellin began to make Champagne. Nowadays his son Henry and greatsons Hugues and Ludovic produce traditionally about 140 000 bottles of Champagne and Bouzy rouge ( the still red wine ). They cultivate 16.50 ha of vineyards planted with Pinot noir (13 ha) and Chardonnay (3.50 ha).

« Winegrowers we are, Winegrowers we will remain ».
Herbert BEAUFORT ' 1910 - 1973.
Herbert Beaufort
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Indirizzo: Bouzy ' France
Sito web: http://www.champagne-herbert-beaufort.com
Anno di Avviamento: 1929
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Herbert Beaufort